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Hot Wheels Road Trip to X-Games

X Games 2014 in Austin, TX coming up? Well, why not make a road trip out of it! Our team went with Hot Wheels to take the opportunity to showcase a few Hot Wheels cars, including the Hot Wheels Camaro, which really does glow in the dark, the Bone Shaker, also featured in the “World’s Best Driver” campaign, and the Twin Mill, showcased in 2012 at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis as one of the five “Hot Wheels for Real Cars”.

Who better to come along on this trip but two BMX All-Stars, Aaron Ross and Terry Adams! Fans were able to follow Hot Wheels (@HotWheelsOfficial) on Instagram for exciting updates and locations for Hot Wheels Roadshow Events to meet the cars and the stars.

Following the infamous Route 66, we decided to take a few iconic stops along the way. First, the “Living Ghost Town” of Oatman in Arizona, where our Hot Wheels Bone Shaker was dying to come out to play! Next day was the Hot Wheels Roadshow Event in Flagstaff, AZ for fans to get a chance to see the cars and meet the BMX All-Stars. But the day wasn’t over yet! Another iconic stop on Route 66 was nearby, one of the three surviving Wigwam Village Motels.

The second Hot Wheels Roadshow Event was in Albuquerque, NM for the fans, where the whole crew had a blast! After four days of fun and adventure, and over 1,600 thrilling miles, we finally made it to the Austin X Games 2014!

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